Board and Bios


Harjit Singh Dhillon- Vice-President
Harjit Singh Dhillon- Director
My name is Harjit Singh Dhillon 7-Elven franchisee since march 2005. I came to the US in 1992. My first job was at an ARCO AM/ PM, working grave yard. In 1994, I went to work for Tropicana Orange Juice Company till 1999. I gained experience and a deep knowledge of team-work while on a production line. My position was filler operator. At this time, my brother and I bought a Subway Sandwich franchise. At this pont, I was managing the subway, and attending college to become a surgical technologist. Upon my graduation, in 2002, I got a job at a San Antonio hospital, as a surgical tech. After three years of work in the medical field, I felt that I always wanted to go into a different business. So I worked hard and got the opportunity with a 7-Eleven Franchise in 2005. I thank God every day.

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